Network Solution for Home and Business


Security Surveillance

With the continuous updating of technology, the increase of network bandwidth and the continuous maturity of big data and artificial intelligence technology, more and more application scenarios will be gradually developed, and the security monitoring network will provide more professional security for the society, individuals, enterprises, etc. Security is playing an increasingly important role.

The actmtech is specialized in IP Surveillance Network Solutions. Our PoE switches meet the requirements of most IPCs. We’re committed to provide Comprehensive selection of PoE switches and Abundant features for enhanced network security. 


Smart City

The actmtech PoE switches are good “partners” for network monitoring and important power supply transmission equipment for security monitoring, while network monitoring is an important part of safe city construction and even smart city construction. From this perspective, PoE switch is a powerful “weapon” for the construction of smart cities and an indispensable network power supply transmission equipment for the construction of smart cities. Our product range includes Ethernet switches, media converters, Ethernet extenders, and other Power over Ethernet products for special environments.


Home Automation

The smart and professional managed PoE switch and network switches are suitable to used for smart home network. They can integrate several IoT devices in a smart home network without jeopardizing the performance of the network or the devices. They help users to get intelligent operations with on-site or remote control. Home Automation enables you to use your home’s Lighting,Heating and home appliances (such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers) more conveniently and efficiently. And, at the same time giving you greater levels of comfort and security.


Industrial Automation

The industrial PoE Ethernet switches are used to connect network devices in an industrial automation control system. It adopts Ethernet technology, has the advantages of high speed, real-time, reliability, etc., and can provide efficient data exchange and communication services for industrial control networks. Industrial Ethernet switches can help the manufacturing industry to transform towards digital and intelligent production. It can realize instant communication and data transmission between different devices, enabling information sharing and automatic control between devices. Through the real-time data collection and transmission of industrial Ethernet switches, every link of production can be monitored and controlled, and equipment can be adjusted and optimized in a timely manner to improve production efficiency and reduce product delivery costs.


Intelligent Network for Transportation

Between the future of transportation and the infrastructure that connects it, there is a bridge – intelligent transportation network solutions. We provide network solutions for roads, rail and mass transit, airports, ports and ships designed to improve public safety, increase operational efficiency and optimize traffic management. Our industrial network switches and PoE switches can provide efficient and stable data transmission and management services, helping to realize data sharing and communication interconnection between transportation equipment.


WiFi Coverage

In addition to a LAN, there are a few other types of common wireless networks: personal-area network (PAN), metropolitan-area network (MAN), and wide-area network (WAN). The WiFi technology is widely used for Mobile applications, Business applications, Home applications,  Computerized application, Automotive segment, Browsing, Internet, Video conference etc. PoE switch is not only widely used in network monitoring, it can also be used in the field of wireless coverage. The PoE switch can not only transmit data, but also supply power to the AP through the network cable, so that the wireless coverage is not affected by the wiring and is more flexible.

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