DC 48V to 5V 8A 40W Power Over Ethernet Module PoE Splitter

Model: AM-PD0508

  • DC 42V~57V input
  • Max. output 40W (5V/8A)
  • IEEE802.3 af at bt
  • Power over Ethernet

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DC 48V to 5V 6A 8A 30W 40W Power Over Ethernet Module PoE Splitter



The module AM-PD0508 is designed to extract power from conventional Class 5 to Class 6 Ethernet cable twisted pairs and meets the IEEE 802.3 af at bt Power-Ethernet (PoE) standard.At the same time, the module allows the power supply category to select “Intermediate Overlap” and “End Overlap” power supply without distinguishing polarity.

  • Based on the IEEE802.3 bt standard, this paper establishes information connection about the connection status, device type, power consumption level of the receiving device PD, and then applies power supply to port compatible devices based on PSE to power the PD through Ethernet.
  • This module DC/DC converter works in a wide input voltage range and low ripple low noise output.The DC/DC converter also has built-in output overload, output short circuit and over-temperature protection, and provides a 1500Vdc (input/output) electrical isolation.

Main Features

  • Compliance with IEEE802.3 at and IEEE802.3 bt standard.

  • 42V~57V wide operating voltage range.

  • Maximum output power up to 40W; Rated output: 5V/8A.

  • The output ripple is less than 200 mV.

  • Conversion efficiency can be as high as 87% (input: 48V output)5V 8A).

  • With over-current, short circuit, under voltage, surge and other excellent reliability and circuit protection.

  • PCBA standard size: 40mm*90mm*15mm

  • Input/Output: isolate 1500Vdc.

  • High reliability: The design meets the 5 million hour average failure interval.


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