9-Ports 2.5G Unmanaged PoE Switch with 10G SFP


Model: AM-P8P25-1S

  • 8*100/1000/2500M PoE port
  • 1*10G SFP+ port
  • PoE QoS priority
  • Bandwidth 60Gbps

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9-Ports 2.5G Unmanaged Network PoE Switch with 10G SFP


Product Overview

AM-P8P25-1S is a 9-port 10 Gigabit uplink 2.5G POE switch. It adopts a high-quality high-speed network chip solution and uses a fanless silent design to completely solve the problem of high noise when deploying small switches in office environments. . The switch has 8*100/1000/2500M POE ports and 1*10G SFP+ port, providing 100/1000/2500M Ethernet seamless connection and easy to manage and maintain. This product can be widely used in security network video surveillance, hotels, campuses, small and medium-sized enterprise network engineering and other occasions.

Main Features

  • 8*100/1000/2500M POE interface + 1*10G SFP interface;
  • Support 802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3 ab, IEEE802.3 bz, IEEE802.3 ae, IEEE802.3 x standards;
  • The Ethernet port supports 100/1000/2500M adaptive;
  • Support PoE QoS priority, the priority range is 1 ~ 8, enabled by default;
  • Support automatic port flip (Auto MDI/MDIX);
  • Panel indicator light monitoring status and fault analysis;
  • Flow control method: full-duplex IEEE 802.3X standard, half-duplex using Back Pressure standard;
  • Lightning protection: general 4KV, differential 2KV (level B), ESD 8KV air, 6KV contact (level B)


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