Market Analysis of PoE Switch

Newest Market Analysis of PoE Switch

You may not be unfamiliar with the term PoE. It refers to an Ethernet interface power supply technology, mainly through the network cable to the PoE receiving end device (PD) while providing data transmission and power engineering support. Because PoE technology has the characteristics of easy maintenance, easy installation, and low cost, the market share of PoE has been increasing significantly in recent years. The prosperity of the PoE market has also promoted the wide application of Ethernet interface power supply technology in various fields.

PoE Market Overview

According to the research data of the Power over Ethernet interface market and its market forecast and analysis for 2016-2022, it is estimated that by the end of 2022, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global PoE market will increase by 13%, accumulatively about USD 1 billion of the total market share of the market. From the perspective of the participation of different regions in the world, North America is currently dominant, followed by Europe and Asia.

PoE market division and types According to different specifications and characteristics, the PoE market can be further divided into different types:

Equipment type: PoE equipment types can be mainly divided into PoE power supply equipment (PSE) and PoE power receiver equipment (PD). Generally speaking, the power supply end equipment (such as POE switch) is mainly used to connect the power receiving end equipment (such as VoIP phone), in addition to provide stable power to this terminal equipment and suit the customer. The use of power supply equipment greatly reduces the need to provide independent power supply equipment for each power receiving equipment.

Power supply type: According to different Ethernet interface power supply specifications (IEEE802.3af specification / IEEE802.3at specification / IEEE802.3bt), there are mainly four types of power supply equipment on the market at this stage: 15.4W, 30W, 60W, 90W.

Product type: With the continuous improvement and improvement of PoE technology, the application of equipment based on PoE technology is also varied. Among them, the best-selling PoE products include network switches, power supplies, IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless APs. According to the forecast of a well-known market research company not long ago, wireless APs and PoE lamps will become the two main growth drivers of the PoE market in the next ten years.

Application types: From the perspective of PoE application types, the four industries that currently account for the most important share are equipment connection, key management and security, lighting automatic control system, and information vehicle multimedia.

Terminal equipment types: As far as the PoE terminal equipment market is concerned, there are three key market types: industrial production, commercial services and housing. Among them, the industrial production market is expected to have a 40% market share by 2025, occupying a dominant position in the PoE market. This development trend is mainly due to the substantial increase in PoE application requirements in the fields of electric energy, gas, telecommunication networks, vehicles and transportation.

According to the user’s PoE application from the previous part, we can realize that the PoE market is mainly divided into three market types: industrial production, commercial services and housing according to the type of terminal equipment. Generally speaking, different types of terminal equipment will show different characteristics according to the actual application method of PoE.

PoE application in residential quarters In recent years, with the emergence of PoE full smart homes, the application of PoE technology at the household level has already entered a new stage. PoE full smart home refers to connecting various home terminal devices to each other according to PoE technology, and then completes a centralized management method.

For example, we can connect an enterprise PoE switch to PoE LED lights and other accessories such as wifi, and then a PoE lighting system can be added. Users only need to use some mobile devices equipped with supporting software to operate the entire LED lighting system.

PoE in commercial districts uses PoE technology at the commercial service level, mainly in the three industries of office space, retail and medical services. In recent years, one of the more popular applications in PoE business is the PoE smart office building. Its application principle is similar to the PoE smart home mentioned above in the housing application. After the announcement of the new PoE standard IEEE802.3bt last year, more and more high-power consumption terminal equipment is gradually applied to the business industry. For example, in a network using PoE, the maximum power of each port of a PoE switch is 90W. In this way, terminal devices such as vertical touch all-in-one displays, point-of-sale systems, LCD TVs, and computer screens that are common in office buildings can be connected to each other to build a PoE intelligent control system.

PoE in industrial parks is used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the manufacturing and processing industries. The popularization of industrial control automation has become an inevitable industry trend. Under the promotion of this development trend, the application of PoE technology in the manufacturing industry also promotes the pace of future development. It is believed that entrepreneurs maintain good competitiveness in the field.

The application of PoE equipment in manufacturing can greatly reduce operating and management costs for various processing and manufacturing owners. PoE devices such as sensors and IP surveillance cameras can efficiently assist supervisors to check the status of each production line, and immediately monitor the operation status of equipment in the production workshop and the work status of employees


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