Application of PoE switches in wireless coverage field

Application of PoE switch in wireless coverage networks

PoE switch is a very special transmission device. Compared with ordinary switches, it can not only transmit data, but also transmit power, which means it has the function of power supply. It is this unique power supply function that makes it a good “partner” for many network devices.

Although PoE switches are widely used in network monitoring and used to power surveillance cameras, in fact, its second largest application area is wireless coverage.

Today’s wireless networks are mostly built with wireless APs, and wireless APs also need power supply to work. In medium and large wireless networks, there are often dozens, dozens, or hundreds of wireless APs. How to supply power? It can be seen that it is not a small problem.

Because wireless coverage is mostly used in offices, enterprises, businesses, hotels, guesthouses and other places, absolute environmental aesthetics are required. If you dig holes everywhere to pull wires, it will be a very “face-damaging” thing. However, this problem can be solved by using PoE switch to solve the problem.

First of all, when building a wireless network, you need to use a switch; secondly, data transmission requires the use of network cables, and PoE power supply is also implemented through network cables. Based on these two points, it has become an inevitable trend and fact to replace ordinary switches with PoE switches to achieve the purpose of convenience, beauty and trouble-saving.

In summary, the role of PoE switches in the field of wireless coverage has three points:

  1. Power supply is convenient and fast. Due to the special location of the wireless AP, such as needing to be placed on the wall or ceiling, it is very troublesome to obtain power nearby. However, the wireless AP can obtain relatively stable power through its own network cable without the need for additional power wiring. supply.
  1. Flexible deployment of wireless AP: Due to the use of PoE power supply, wireless AP can be placed anywhere without being restricted by wiring, which can achieve the best results for the wireless network.
  1. Easy to upgrade later

A network cannot remain unchanged after it is built. It may need to be upgraded and expanded later. With a PoE switch for power supply, later upgrades only need to add wireless APs or PoE switches, which is very easy.

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